Keep It Safe ™

As well as a breakdown repair service we can provide a temperature verification check for refrigerated equipment in your canteen, childcare catering facility or corporate setting.
A Properly maintained Fridge and Freezer will help keep your family's food at the right temperature.
Your food should ideally be stored between 1º and 4º Celcius for the fridge compartment and -18º degrees or colder for your freezer compartment.
Higher temperatures helps potentially harmful bacteria to grow more rapidly, Especially important when caring for children, the elderly or people with a delicate immune system.
If you have a suspicion that your food may be going off sooner than it should take action and call us today.
We are here to help in these situations and you can arrange a visit from our friendly technicians through our "Contact Us" page.
We can check your food's current storage temperature and advise on any action necessary.

A badly maintained appliance can struggle to achieve it's target temperature efficiently and we can provide a service to help keep it operating within the manufacturer's specifications.

If your appliance has an ice-maker or water dispenser we can provide water filters at the recommended replacement intervals to help ensure a hygienic water supply.

See our List Of Services for more ways we can help to ensure safe storage of food
For more information use the link below or get in touch through our contact page.